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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

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Volunteering in the Classroom


There are multiple ways you can volunteer at our school. In addition to volunteering at our College and Career Day in the spring and being part of our Mentor-Mentee Program, we also need the help of friends and communities who recognize their promise and potential of our students by volunteering in the classroom.  

  • Project support Your expertise is valuable for our projects! Teachers work hard in creating real-world and relevant projects. Your professional expertise to review projects to make them real-world is insightful to our project planning. In addition, we seek volunteers that can kick-off project content, relate specific content to your career and join us as evaluators and panelists for various types of student presentations.
  • Classroom Visits! Do you have an hour a week to spend with students in the classroom? Several teachers who teach English Language Development classes (“ELD”) would appreciate an adult who can sit with one or two students and help them with speaking and writing. Students in these classes have recently arrived to this country and need extra support!
  • Writing Support One area of focus we have in our writing work is helping students learn how to revise and edit their writing. We have many checklists and scaffolds to help you help student improve their writing. Let us know if you are available to be called on once or twice a semester- with a week’s notice, to come in for revision sessions!
If you are interested in volunteering please fill out this google form: Global Studies Volunteer
We are deeply grateful for your support!