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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

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Our Students Need your Financial Help!

The Los Angeles School of Global Studies (LASGS) is a Title I school. 100% of the students who attend LASGS fall at or below the federal poverty level.  We cannot attain excellent opportunities our worthy students deserve from their impoverished community. Our staff digs deeply into their own pockets to help students, but it is not enough.  Our students need the help of friends and communities who recognize their promise and potential. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is a 501(c)(3) organization for which your gift is fully tax deductible.  LAUSD is a fiscal receiver, donations to LASGS go directly to our school for us to use.  We promise that your funds will be well spent for transformative opportunities such as:

  • Our extraordinary College and Career Day, during which we welcome over 100 community leaders who inspire our students to think about a variety of career options and life after high school.  Volunteers lead workshops where students learn about internship & volunteer opportunities, college life, the college application process, financial aid, legal services for immigrants,  and career opportunities. Volunteers also conduct one-on-one mock interviews with students where they will provide feedback on student résumés and give them feedback on their interview skills.  Donations for College and Career Day help provide the funding for the materials needed to host over one hundred volunteers.  
  • Resources for our students!  Every year we purchase books for our students to annotate in their humanities classes.  Students learn the art of annotation and get to take home these books for their home libraries. We also need to purchase art materials for our design and elective classes.  As well as, supplies for our science classes, so teachers can have students participate in interactive experiments!
  • Field Trips! Many of our students have never visited a college when they enter our school.  Research shows that demystifying the college experience by having students visit colleges, increases the likelihood of students making college their goal after high school.  By the time our students graduate, we want each of them to have visited at least 4 colleges and universities. The costs include buses, tours, and college and career activities.

  • Our Mentor-Mentee Program that pairs community volunteers with LASGS students. Our mentors serve as role models and student advocates.  They meet with our students once a month and provide one-on-one coaching and support. They also take students on field trips to support their college and career aspirations.   The mentors and mentees also engage in group activities where they get to network with each other.

We regret that at this time we have no means of accepting online donations.  Instead, please make checks payable to The Los Angeles School of Global Studies and mail donations to:

Attn: Christian Quintero, Principal

The Los Angeles School of Global Studies

322 South Lucas Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90017

You will receive an official tax receipt in the mail with our thanks.

We are deeply grateful for your support!