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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

LASGS Newsletter » 10th grade Global Citizens April 2019

10th grade Global Citizens April 2019


EL Geography (taught by Ms. Solig, Ms. La Torre, and Ms. Denny): Students have just finished converting their stories into a work of art. Students collaborated and worked hard on their “paletero” art projects with artists Kate Deciccio and Pavel Acevedo. Students worked with these artists and other MCLC schools to create a visual representation of their immigration stories. The “paletero” carts serve as a reference to the immigration detention centers known as the “la hielera” (the fridge or ice box). The “paletas” in the carts tell individual students’ stories. Students showcased these carts at lunch on March 29th and they will be on display on April 25th at showcase night.






Geometry (taught by Ms. Gonzalez):  During the month of April, the students will work with Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Law of Sine, and Law of Cosine.  Students will work in teams during their comic book project that will include all the trigonometry ratios.





Global Studies 10 (taught by Ms. Solig, Ms. O'Brien and Ms. Denny):

Students just finished presenting their Sophomore Defenses in March and they are now refocusing on their Building Empathy Project.  Currently, students are finishing their books about the Holocaust (Night, Eva's Journey, and Anne Frank's Diary). All classes visited the Museum of Tolerance at the end of March and we visited the Japanese American National Museum on April 2nd where we learned about the prejudice faced by Japanese Americans and learned about about Japanese culture through practicing origami and Taiko drumming. We will continue to look at the past to inform how we can be more empathetic global citizens in the present and future.