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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

LASGS Newsletter » 12th grade Global Leaders April 2019

12th grade Global Leaders April 2019

Design & Digital Portfolio (taught by Ms. La Torre): On March 14th, the senior class hosted the CNN International My Freedom Day and A21 Campaign by representing the great work they have done in preventing Human Trafficking and practicing their Design for Social Change skills. They have created infographics and presentations in the past to teach people in their communities about human trafficking. This day we were recognized for our great prevention work in LA! Here you can see Senior Oswaldo Vasquez talking to CNN.
Physics for Global Leaders (taught by Mr. Liu): In Physics, students will be completing their Car Crash / Egg Drop project.  Students are currently studying the physics of what makes a collision damaging.
Statistics (taught byMs. Burnham): Statisticians are working on their research projects, completing Literature Reviews and Project Proposals for interesting topics involving Skittles, Oreos, check out times, memory and sleep. This month we will be learning about Random Variables, in particular, focussing on the Normal Curve.