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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

LASGS Newsletter » 9th grade Global Citizens October 2019

9th grade Global Citizens October 2019

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ELD Math (taught by Ms. Burnham): How much does it cost to live in LA? Students will interview friends and family to find out about monthly expenses. They will use their knowledge of operations with decimals and money while presenting their findings to their class.




The Fresh Company (taught by Mr. Molstad and Ms. Hickman):  After completing a successful presentation for parents and community members October 3rd, students just successfully completed their first Socratic Seminar on October 25th, discussing the plight of “Zits,” the protagonist of the book Flight, by Sherman Alexie.




Physics (taught by Mr. Liu ): In physics we will be learning about all different kinds of motion graphs.  By looking at Position / Time graphs and Velocity / Time graphs, we can get a clear picture in our minds about how objects are moving.  All of this is leading to Newton’s Laws of Motion and our second major lab report. 


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Reading/Writing/Math Development (taught by Mr. Castaneda and Ms. Castaneda):  In Math Development students started a mini project where they have been researching a famous mathematician and their main contribution/s to mathematics. During their research, students will also highlight their mathematician’s inspirations, influences, interests, support system, challenges, and overcoming those challenges. After writing a report about their selected mathematician, students will create slides and present their findings.