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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

9th grade Global Citizens February 2020


Algebra 1 (taught by Ms. Gonzalez): We are currently working on exponents and we will be adding combining like terms to solve equations that will lead into binomials and solving completing the square.


ELD Math (taught by Ms. Burnham): Students are learning about fractions. Can you determine which fraction is greater 

5/7 or 2/3?





Humanities  (taught by Ms. Azarian): This month, students learned to read their transcripts and presented their College Research Project to their families. Students are launching into a Career Research Project.


In Ethnic Studies, students are practicing historical thinking skills by reading and analyzing primary source materials.




Physics (taught by Mr. Liu): In Physics, we are finishing up learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion.  We’ve done interesting demonstrations with Inertia and Action and Reaction.  We’re preparing to focus on our first major PBL involving car crashes, momentum, and impulse.  This leads to our major egg drop competition!