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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

10th grade Global Citizens February 2020

Geometry (taught by Ms. Gonzalez):  Students are learning trigonometric functions and will be starting the comic book project and finishing it with a CRA.





Global Studies 10 (taught by Ms. Solig, and Ms. O'Brien ): Students are currently writing their Sophomore Defense Success Plans.  They will be presenting their defense the week of March 16th.  


Global Studies 10 students are also beginning the Building Empathy Project where they will learn about the causes and consequences of World War I and World War II. Students will read Night, Anne Frank's Diary, or Eva's Journey.





EL Geography & Design

Students in the EL Geography class started the semester by completing a skillbuilder to practice working together as a team.  They are currently in the process of writing and editing their stories of coming to America. They will meet with the director of the film, I learn America the week of February 3rd to receive feedback on their stories.  By the end of the school year they will have the opportunity to publish their stories in the I Learn America Human Library!