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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

LASGS Newsletter » 11th grade Global Leaders October 2019

11th grade Global Leaders October 2019

algebra 2

Algebra 2 (taught by Mr. Su): Students are finishing up their graphing story analysis of an issue affecting their community. Afterwards, they will begin investigating how college loans work and how interest is calculated.

financial literacy
Financial Literacy (taught by Ms. Burnham): LASGS’ young financiers are rocking it in the Stock Market Game! As a school, the students are currently in third place out of 23. All but one team is among the top third of 701 teams. As of October 21 our best team 1X (Gilberto Lopez, Daniel Torres and Devon Vasquez) is in 30th place with profits of $2600. 805, 818, Red Fort and Table 6 are virtually neck and neck, as portfolios respond to earnings reports. Some of the best performing stocks include Apple and Nike
american studies  american studies


American Studies (taught by Mr. Jacobo): In American Studies, we launched a new project that builds on themes from our last project including: family, immigrant cultural identity and the self. We are exploring the juxtaposition of immigration during the American Gilded Age and Progressive Era to the present day. While exploring this historical lens, we will also be reading the novel, I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika Sanchez and watching the film El Norte (1983). As we explore the causes, effects of immigration to the United States, past and present, we will focus our discussions on the impact crossing borders has on families and one’s identity. This will culminate in students creating a graphic novel that relates to the topics, themes that evolve throughout this inquiry.




Biology  (taught by Ms. Tonyan): In Biology, students will learn about autotrophs, the organisms that produce their own food from CO2 and water using light (photosynthesis), and heterotrophs - consumers - that are unable to synthesize it.