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The Los Angeles School of Global Studies At Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

LASGS Newsletter » 11th grade Global Leaders December 2019

11th grade Global Leaders December 2019


Algebra 2 (taught by Mr. Su): In Algebra 2, kids will be finishing their College Loans project, where they’ll be presenting to advisories about the costs of college, different types of loans they can take as financial aid, and estimate how expensive the loans will be over time. This can be beneficial for all grade levels to learn!

Financial Literacy (taught by Ms. Burnham): It’s official, Red Fort (Jesus Aria, Nathan Tapia and Mario Tirado) have won the LASGS Stock Market Game. They came in 31st out of 901 high school team in Southern California. The team had gains of almost $11,000, outperforming the S&P500 by 3.6%. 1X (Gilberto Lopez, Daniel Torres, Devon Vasquez) and The Winners (Mynor Chajon, Itzel Juarez, Kimberly Lujan) took second and third place for our school.

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Biology  (taught by Ms. Tonyan): In Biology class, the students learn about the major stages of the Cell Cycle, which includes interphase, mitosis, and cytokinesis. They observe the onion roots under the microscope and define the different stages that its cells go through. Students learn that the normal process of the cell cycle is controlled by a complex series of signaling pathways by which a cell grows, replicates its DNA and divides. The genetic mutations and malfunctions of this regulatory process result in uncontrolled cell division which can lead to cancer.





American Studies (taught by Mr. Jacobo): Students in American Studies are finalizing a research paper on Immigration during the Gilded Age. They also finalized a fictional graphic novel inspired by themes of their own lives and from the novel, I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. Lastly, students have been learning about the Progressive Era and American Imperialism.