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LASGS Newsletter » 12th grade Global Leaders December 2019

12th grade Global Leaders December 2019

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Chemistry (taught by Ms. Tonyan): In Chemistry class, we finished learning about different chemical bonds and the ways they affect us and our everyday life. The students tested the properties of ionic and covalent compounds, their solubility, melting point, and conductivity. They learned that some ions are called electrolytes.  These ions are important for us since they carry the electrical energy necessary for many functions, including muscle contractions and transmission of nerve impulses.

Statistics (taught by Ms. Burnham): Students are working on two projects in Stats this month: an infographic and a community survey. They are creating infographics to inform the voting public about economic inequality, in particular the inequitable distribution of US income. In addition students are learning how to safely and accurately collect data about the demographics and concerns of the community. Students have written the survey and developed a sampling plan. In January, as part of Political Studies, senior will gather the data as a first step in their Civic Action Project.