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John Leguizamo edifies and entertains in Latin History for Morons

by Nathan Tapia November 12, 2019



Latin History for Morons is a decent show but it has room for improvement. The title implies that everyone who attends is a moron in need of Latin History, and it is true that many high school students do not know much about Latin History. 

On October 17th, 81 Global Studies students from all grade levels went to see Latin History for Morons at the Music Center in downtown LA. John Leguizamo performed for students his one-man show at the music center. Leguizamo not only wrote this play for the benefit of learning about Latin history but he wrote it for his son who was being bullied and had no hero to look up to. 

His jokes were very funny but certainly not PG. A strength of the play was that he was able to give some background about the history. Aspects of the play that could have been improved were that parts were too long and he could have expanded even more on Latin History.

Keeping it clean with Kennya

by Claudia Mendez November 8, 2019


Have you ever noticed how every morning our hallways and walkways are clean?

That is thanks, in part, to Kennya Lima-Garcia, a custodian at LASGS who has been working here for a year and two months. She decided to work as a custodian since she needed the money for college. Thankfully, her brother works on campus and was able to recommend her for the job. Becoming a custodian made her change her mind about how she used to feel about it. Also, she got to see our school from the perspective of a custodian.

When coming to clean our hallway after school she has a certain amount of time to clean a room. If teachers ask her a favor to clean their room, she might have to say no because of the time she needs to clean around our school. She only gets paid from 2:30 pm to 11:00 pm. If she stays after 11:00 pm to clean she doesn’t get paid. Also, when we students have a day off school she comes at 6:00 am in the morning to come and clean.

Clean hallways at Global Studies (photo by Claudia Mendez)


Something she enjoys about her job is that she likes making a difference even if others don’t see it. Some of the disadvantages in our school’s bathroom are the amount of “tagging on the walls and plugging the toilets,” Kennya says. When coming in the morning for school students can see that the bathrooms are well cleaned. But later that day bathrooms are already dirty, with toilet paper on the floor and tagging on the bathroom doors or on walls.

Probably most students don’t tag their own bathrooms at home or stuff their own toilets with toilet paper. If students respect the custodian, maybe they will pick up their mess and leave the bathrooms clean. Think of Kennya, and if you see her in the hallway make sure to say thank you.



Join the Gaming Club today

By Eduardo Az Hernandez and Eduardo Ramirez 

October 23, 2019

Gaming Club

MC Gaming Club Members (photo by John Gomez)


If you are stressed about school, homework, or house problems then take your stress out by joining the gaming club and battle against other gamers. In the MC Gaming Club, we invite any student from any academy to come and have fun. we battle each other in games and get to know each other. 

You can also be at the gaming club if you want to train with other students from different grade levels. There are multiple Nintendo switches in the club so you can play other games. For example, the Games we have at the gaming club are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, and more other games (we only name these because they’re the main ones, ESPECIALLY SUPER SMASH BROS). We also have a Wii console and a PS3. If you people get bored don’t worry, we can buy other consoles and games too.  

The club meets after school on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:00 pm. in room 6053B, in front of the boys’ locker room, and On Tuesday we just go straight to room 6053B, because every academy comes out at a different time. The club invites everyone to join. The more players we have, the better the competitions will be.   

Lupita’s Grand Re-Opening

Lupita with reporters

Paxtor, Morales, and Perez with Lupita Aranga, owner of Lupita’s

By Gelber Morales, Braian Paxtor, Lorenzo Perez

September 13, 2019

LOS ANGELES - The first thing you notice is that the sign is new. Instead of Lupita’s, it’s now Lupita’s Corner. On Thursday, September 12, the real Lupita and her family had a grand re-opening to show off the newly remodeled store.

The corner store, at 3rd and Lucas, was crowded with people. There was a news truck, customers, and many police. City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell was also there, and explained how the city helped with some parts of the remodel. 

The Los Angeles Food Policy Council also helped Lupita’s to become more healthy. Alba Velasquez, program director of LAFPC’s Healthy Neighborhood Market Network, spoke to students at the event. 

¨We want to help local markets become more healthy for the community.¨  

Lupita’s Corner is more airy and organized, according to customers.

before and after

Before                                                                                           After

Survey Says: Advisory Culture

October 2, 2019 

By Claudia Mendez and Deysi Recinos 

Our Journalism class decided to do a survey, where students tell us their experience about their own advisories. 112 students responded to the survey. 

         Our first question in this survey was “ What do you like most about your advisory?”

Most students' responses were similar. Most students said that what they like about Advisory is that they have free time to do work for other classes. Also, they liked it because they always played tabletop board and card games. They also love to do potlucks. Every advisory does potlucks when they want. They basically bring food to share and enjoy the rest of the time they have in their advisory.

Liu birthday

We also asked if they would change anything about their advisory. Most students said they wouldn’t change anything about it. They enjoyed the way it was but some recommended that they should be allowed to use their phones for a while.

Also, birthdays are celebrated not only for students but for teachers. Recently students from Mr. Liu’s advisory surprised him for his birthday. They organized a surprise potluck for him to celebrate it.

Parking Day LA

By: John Gomez, Nathan Tapia

September 25, 2019

Parking Day LA is a worldwide event that originated in San Francisco. It encourages kids to make a green space that informs people about problems in the community.


A group featuring Olga, Sarai, Freddy, Chris, and Pablo talked about the problems litter causes. They began by stating that people take about eight steps holding trash before throwing it to the floor or ground since they get too lazy to throw it in a trash can. Most of the litter is usually cigarette butts and all of the trash usually ends up in the ocean. 1


Felix Arrioja was another LASGS student who was talking about littering. According to the presentation that Felix provided for the fellow members of the community, teenagers are the people who litter the most.



parking day




Littering has a big impact on the world, not only does it make our streets look dirty but it damages animals’ living environments.

The Global Times Vaping

By: John Gomez and Francisco Chavarria September 13, 2019


Death is awaiting teenagers as they have the need to vape. Vaping has caused serious breathing illnesses and there has been around 450 possible cases in at least 33 states. According to the Wall Street Journal, “six deaths have been associated with the illness."

Health officials are urging people to stop vaping until they can figure out what is causing this serious breathing illness. Oregon health officials say they are investigating the death of a person who had severe respiratory illness after using an e-cigarette. Investigators at the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division said on Tuesday that they received reports that the person who died in July had a vape containing cannabis bought from an Oregon store. This happened in September 4, 2019. Symptoms of the disease include coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. 

Since we know that teenagers are beginning to use more vapes we ask for people at Global Studies to think about their decisions. This can be harmful, especially for teens and can cause death. 




The Global Times 

Senior female football player

By ANDREW SALAZAR and NATHAN TAPIA September 13, 2019


carla manzanaresLOS ANGELES - Usually when you think of football, you normally think it’s an all-male sport. But someone broke those rules, and her name is Carla Manzanares. 


Manzanares is a senior at the Los Angeles School of Global Studies one of four small schools at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex . She wanted to make a change at the school and become the first female football player. She also wanted to become an inspiration to others to let them know they can achieve anything if they really try. 


Her road to becoming a football player wasn’t easy, she had to overcome some obstacles in her way. At first, when she confronted her parents about joining the team, they disagreed with her because, as parents, they were worried about her getting hurt because she is a female. 


She was determined to join the football team with or without her parents support. So during the summer, she went to the football team practice.  


When she first went to the team’s practice she felt that she could do it but already noticed how difficult it was. She was going through some difficult phases. At times she felt like maybe she should quit the team, but then she felt like she belonged there. What kept her striving was the support she got from her school’s counselor, Diane Kantack, and her friends. Kantack is her #1 supporter and was the happiest for Carla for joining the MC football team. “She reminds me of myself when I was in high school.” 


What also motivated Carla were the kind words of coach Chico with whom she has a close relationship.  


After sitting out the first two games, she finally had a chance in the 3rd game against Roybal. She was shocked and excited when she stepped onto the field in the 4th quarter. She heard cheers from Kantack and her friends. She finally got her opportunity and took advantage when she caught a pass, only to be tackled soon after. 


After having a chance to play she reflected on her actions and realized that if she went to practice a little bit more, she could’ve done better. But with all the support she got from her friends she forgot about it and enjoyed the moment. 




You can run around it, you can stand on it, but you can’t play on it

MCLC Football Field Off-Limits 



By Eduardo Az Hernandez September 13, 2019


LOS ANGELES -- When students returned to MCLC this August, they learned that they would not be able to use the football field. But why? 


It turns out that our field has gotten worse because it gets used too much. It’s one of the only fields in the downtown area, according Dr. Haddy, MC’s athletic director. During the day it’s used for P.E., in the afternoon it’s used for the football team and soccer teams, and in the evenings and on the weekends it’s used by other sports teams.


“Over the last 12+ years is has sustained a lot of wear and tear,” says Dr. Haddy.


The problem with the field is that it is 12 years old and the turf is ripping, which can make students trip and fall.  Also, the rubber pellets are worn out and don’t cushion athletes or others when they fall. The field gets like cement. 


The plan is to replace the field and make it safe. 


For now, the track is opn for use, and the field can be used for emergency drills. 


Dr.  Haddy says the timeline is “up in the air at this point,” but they are making plans and work to replace it may begin in the Fall of 2020.   


Until then, football practice is on the softball field, and games are played away, according to Matthew Myers, a sophomore who in on the football team.