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Video Game Overviews: Elden Ring and Demon Slayer

By Henry Gonzalez

October 14, 2021


Elden Ring: From publisher Bandai Namco and the developers “From Software” who made Demon Souls, the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice comes a new game called Elden Ring. 


Elden Ring is heavily based on past games like Dark Souls and Demon Souls, and inspired by medieval times with things like Knights, Kings, Archers, Castles, the Undead, strange monsters, and Dragons. If you are a big fan of this theme and past games, then this is a must-buy because it will improve and add a new story and build on the games before it to make a new world for fans to enjoy. With a new open-world map with six big areas to explore, we are able to see the world of Elden Ring and enjoy the efforts of the developers at “From Software” to explore this magical world. We will now be able to jump and climb which may seem small but it is a very big change as past games other than Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice have not added this mechanic and it will allow for more freedom and new hidden secrets to find. Horses will be added which will be fun because this may mean that the world may be enormous and a horse companion will be able to help us on our journey to explore the world more efficiently.


If you are also a big fan of the Berserk manga series this game might come with some surprises and inspirations from the popular series Berserk. With Dark Souls being a big inspiration from the Manga Berserk it is safe to say that Elden Ring is based on both of those works. Some examples of these easter eggs are Artoria (Dark Souls), the Berserker armor (Berserk), wheel skeleton from both series, the Catarina knight (Dark Souls), Bazuso’s armor (Berserk), the Brass armor (Dark Souls), and Locus (Berserk.) We hope that Elden Ring will bring new easter eggs This game is set to release on January 21, 2022.


Demon Slayer: From the anime and manga series comes a new game, Demon Slayer: Hinokami Chronicles, published by SEGA, and developed by CyberConnec2 a company known for making the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot another popular anime series. This game has been shown to have great animation which looks almost on par with its anime counterpart. If you have played the game Naruto: Shippuden Storm then you might feel a sense of familiarity because the game's mechanics and gameplay are very similar to it. Some big scenes and moments will be reanimated but with a slightly different design to fit the game’s style. With a roster of 18 playable characters with additional characters upcoming with the character pass, you will be able to play with your favorite characters such as Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, and more. This new game is set to be released on October 15, 2021.


La Palma Volcano Eruption

By Eduardo Ramirez and Randy Sumano 

Oct 14, 2021


volcanoOn September 19, it was just another normal day in the Canary island of La Palma, when suddenly the Volcano suddenly started erupting. Ever since September 19, it has just been erupting nonstop and has now made a disaster in its way. Now on October 4, statistics and readings have shown that over 100 earthquakes, with the highest one being a 3.7 magnitude, have kept happening since the first eruption on the south side of the Island.


(Source: AS English)

Canary Islands President Ángel Victor Torres ordered lockdowns since the air quality is not good for people. He said that his administration plans to buy around 300 houses to accommodate the people who have lost their homes.


On Thursday, October 7, 2021, things had gotten by far worse than before. In La Palma, Spanish National Geographic has recorded 15 earthquakes in the previous 24 hours, with the highest being a 3.5 magnitude in La Villa at 1:33 in the morning. New earthquakes have occurred since then. 


Spanish King Felipe planned to travel to La Palma from Tenerife early on the morning of October 7 to present the gold medal Royal Academy of Fine Arts San Miguel Arcángel to the Canary Islands Parliament, as well as to see a clearer picture of the island following the volcanic eruption. A few hours after his arrival in Tenerife, he instead held a call with the representatives of La Palma. His return was then stopped after the airport was closed due to the accumulation of volcanic ash in the air.


As of October 14, tsunami warnings have been issued and thousands of residents have been evacuated either because of lava or gas clouds. Although an entire village has been covered in lava, no lives have been lost. There is no end in sight to this volcanic eruption, according to experts. 


(Information for this article was obtained from


The Mystery of the MCLC Cobra Pit

By Wilson Ordoñez-Eduardo-Diaz and Samantha Rodriguez-Jimenez

October 7, 2021


In case you didn’t know, the Cobra Pit is a place where students can go to play table games, ping pong, and generally hang out after school. 


Only, where is it? It took Ms. Hickman's class forever to find. No one seemed to know where it was. 


On Thursday, August 26, 2021, the journalism class went in search of the Cobra Pit.


Journalist Sandra Paxtor asked Office Manager Gaby Pineda where the Cobra Pit was.


Ms. Pineda replied, “the what?!” She then asked another staff member who also didn't know.


The class then crossed the bridge and asked Mr. Smith and he also didn't know where it was. 


“People ask me all the time, but I don’t know where it is.”


Then they went down the stairs and saw a hidden door towards the right. Ms. Hickman looked through the window and saw a sign that said, “cobra pit.” 


Jennifer Pineda opened the door and Hickman asked, “Is this the Cobra Pit?”  and Ms. Pineda said "yes."


The helpers of the Cobra Pit offer the students supper.  The students  like most of the suppers because most of the time they run out of food or they finish. The supper is Tuesday and Wednesday at 3:35 pm.


The Cobra Pit is also a place where they help students with homework or schoolwork.  It is also a very cool place. It is colorful and they hang the art that students make.


The Cobra Pit is open Monday - Friday for MCLC students 9th -12th grade . The Cobra Pit is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday  with Coach Jen until 6:00 pm and on Tuesday and Thursday with Coach Jocelyn until  5:00 pm . 


For homework assistance you can go to the library every day until 5:45 with coach Noah. 


Where: Go all the way down the stairs, below the basketball courts, in the P.E. area next to the conditioning/weight room. Hang a sharp right (if you’re headed toward 3rd) It's the first door to your right, Room 6059 EE. Then you’ll see the big Cobra Pit sign on the wall beyond the door.


So I'm going to tell you the location. The Cobra Pit is located in  It's the first door to your right, Room 6059 EE . 

The MCLC roots of Yefferson, Actually

By Sandra Paxtor and David Valdivia

September 30, 2021



On August 24th, Yefferson, Actually came out. This illustrated storybook by MCLC librarian Scott Martin-Rowe and his former student, Katherine Trejo, is about a child having problems with people saying his name and who finds the courage to tell everyone how to say it correctly. 


Before the pandemic happened, ALC alumna Katherine Trejo saw her teacher Scott Martin-Rowe while she was on-campus recruiting students for her program with United Way.  


“She stopped by the library and asked if I wanted to help her write a book that she had an idea for,” Martin-Rowe explained.


Initially, he suggested that Katherine write the book by herself but she really wanted to write it together. 


“So we wrote it together.”


Before the pandemic started Scott Martin Rowe and Katherine Trejo would meet up once a week at his house for 9 months. Once even working for about six hours in a day. 


Shortly after the shutdown, Scott and Katherine signed their contract with Lil' Libros, who were the first to get back to them. Scott thought that working with Lil´ Libros will be a good idea since they are a small company they will be able to get more attention. When it came to money Scott Martin didn’t get paid because he decided to give his first $20k to Katherine so she could pay off her student debts. scott


Although they did not get to choose the illustrator, Scott and Katherine were happy with Karla Monterrosa since her Salvadorian background helped out when creating the illustrations.


Katherine and Scott are still working together, so expect a new book to come out.








P.E. is back to normal

Well, almost.

By Salvador Lemus


September 21, 2021


 LOS ANGELES -- On a recent Thursday afternoon, Global students were found doing a Pacer Fitness Test running back and forth with the small gym located within the MCLC campus. The weight room is being used for curl tests. Other MC schools are using the “big” gym on not testing days. Apart from the masks that the students were wearing, everything looked the same before Covid-19 had even struck. 


However, when Covid struck, all students had to take classes virtually. For a class involving physical movement, P.E. was handled differently during the pandemic. 


According to the P.E. teacher, Mr. Smith, “It was boring. How was I supposed to make students exercise through a screen? Other teachers would make the students put on their camera. I didn’t want to show my face so I won’t go through the trouble to make the students show theirs.” 


Now that the students are back in school, a few things have changed. P.E. still requires students to wear clothing that allows them to move around a lot instead of tight clothing like jeans or tight pants. P.E. remained the same and the only difference was adding in the masks.





Haiti Earthquake

By Eduardo Ramirez

September 9, 2021


According to an NPR article (8/30/2021), a 7.2 earthquake hit the country of Haiti on August 25, 2021, at 3:51 am, 5 miles from Petit-Trou-De-Nippes. This earthquake came as a major setback, not only because they were still recovering from the earthquake that hit them on January 12, 2010, but also because they lost over 2,000 people from their country.


Dr. Antonie Titus, who was inside of Haiti at the time of the earthquake, said how he saw people get out to the street as everything broke down with people inside, and how the ones who survived, at least prayed and cried.He then says how he got ready and when he arrived at the hospital, dozens of families gravely injured covered the place. He then faced another problem as many of his colleagues left the hospital to go and check on their family.He then goes on to describe how since many were to gravely injured and died, with the lack of time there was, they just stacked bodies all in a corner.


After two weeks since the earthquake hit, aid groups arrive but people have mixed opinions. He talks how the aid starts helping a lot since he now has time to breathe. The part that stands out is how the Haitians are accepting their help, but they don´t forget about how some aid groups left Haiti in the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. Another doctor that was sent over, called Dr. Morgan Broccoli, says how the Samaritans saw they needed to change and how they learned from a mistake they made in 2010. In the end, it says how Dr. Antonie had a three-year offer at a prestigious hospital, but decided he wants to make his own health care facility in Haiti.




The Global Studies Times Recognizes and Thanks Our Graduating 2021 Journalists~!

June 11, 2021

Jorge Escobar      Itzel Juarez-De Los Santos 

Kimberly Lujan     Rosa Martinez      Claudia Mendez 

John Neiva      Nayeli Ramirez


Keep taking in the news, making news, and being skeptical!


Ural Garrett

A Visit with Ural Garrett 

By Claudia Mendez and Kimberly Lujan 

April 30, 2021


On April 21, Ural Garrett, a freelance journalist and a photographer who covers music, gaming, and events like E3, came to the Journalism zoom class. 


In his hometown of Inglewood, Garrett collected magazines, on topics from cars to music to sports to cooking. Although he loved music, he realized he didn’t like to perform. His music teacher told him to write about it instead, and a career in journalism followed. 


He started writing for his high school paper, and continued when he went to college, where he was one of the first to write about the Jena 6, which was about racial strife at a local high school. Garrett went on to graduate from Southern University with an A&M Degree in Mass Communications


For Garrett, being a journalist is something he enjoys because he is able to write on whatever topics he’s interested in, whether it be music, movies, gaming, or social justice. Throughout the years of being a journalist he has met many writers, game developers, and musicians, such as


Like so many other journalists, he got inspired by other writers.


"Roger Ebert, who wrote about movies, was one of the first journalists I admired. ” Other journalists he checks in with regularly are Evan Narcisse and Jeff Gerstmann, both of whom write about video games and culture. 


vax flier 1

Pfizer Vaccines Available for students Friday, 11:00am-7:00pm, Global Studies at Miguel Contreras Campus

Staff, Global Studies Times May 26, 2021

There will be a free vaccine clinic (Pfizer) for students at the Miguel Contreras Campus gym this Friday, May 28, from 11:00am-7:00pm. Students will be able to come back June 18 for their second shot.

Reservations are not needed, but reservations can be made at and skip the line.

There will be gift card giveaways, Dodger Tickets, and a food truck on the premises--free food to vaccinated students!

Students aged 12 - 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Students aged 16 and 17 must have a signed parent consent form (attached) or be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


If you cannot attend on Friday, additional vaccination information can be found by calling (213) 328-3958.


Consent Form


vax 2Vacunas Pfizer disponibles para estudiantes Viernes, 11:00 am a 7:00 pm, Estudios Globales en el Campus Miguel Contreras

Staff, Global Studies Times 26 de mayo de 2021

Habrá una clínica de vacunas gratuita (Pfizer) para los estudiantes en el gimnasio del Campus Miguel Contreras este viernes 28 de mayo de 11:00 am a 7:00 pm. Los estudiantes podrán regresar el 18 de junio para su segunda oportunidad.


No se necesitan reservaciones, pero se pueden hacer en y saltarse la fila.


Habrá obsequios de tarjetas de regalo, boletos de los Dodgers y un camión de comida en las instalaciones: ¡comida gratis para los estudiantes vacunados!


Los estudiantes de 12 a 15 años deben estar acompañados por un padre o tutor.


Los estudiantes de 16 y 17 años deben tener un formulario de consentimiento de los padres firmado (adjunto) o estar acompañados por un padre o tutor.


Si no puede asistir el viernes, puede encontrar información adicional sobre vacunas llamando al (213) 328-3958.


Formulario de consentimiento

Vans gives Chromebooks to all Global Studies students 

April 9, 2021

By Nayeli Ramirez, Katy Hickman


On Tuesday, April 6th, at an all-school Global Studies assembly, it was announced that Vans, maker of fine skateboard footwear since 1966, would be giving Chromebooks to every student through a partnership with Global Studies partner, the  Educare Foundation


At the assembly were Principal Quintero, Educare ACE Initiative Coordinator Iliana Avila, Community Liaison Mr. Vaca, Steve Van Doren, son of Vans founder Paul Van Doren, Carly Gomez, Vice President of Marketing, Americas and  Jordan Schweitzer,Vans Social Responsibility and Partnerships.

Carly G. Steve Van dorenSchweitzer

Carly Gomez Steve Van Doren. Jordan Schweitzer


You could say this all came about because Global Studies is a “Community School.” 


What is that, exactly? Officially, it means that Global Studies was awarded this title by the school district, LAUSD, because it models the four pillars of a Community School, one of which is to encourage community engagement. Mr. Vaca is the Community School Liaison, which means he interacts with and forms relationships with the greater community to support  Global Studies families.  


Unofficially, Global Studies is known to have a super friendly staff that naturally makes connections wherever they go. That’s what happened when Ms. Solig and her neighbor, Carly Gomez, got to talking. Ms. Gomez, who works for Vans, wondered what students needed to be able to do school better. After months of brainstorming and coordinating between many hardworking people, the Chromebook gift plan came into being.


“It’s for school, right?” student JT asked. 

His teacher answered, “No, it’s for you to keep and use. Forever.” 


When asked what was the most challenging part of coordinating the whole event, Iliana Avila of Educare reported, "the hardest part was keeping it a secret!"

Students are still a bit surprised, since it seemed to come out of nowhere, but when asked if they have anything to say, everyone interviewed said "a big thank you to Vans!"


The Global Studies community is thankful and grateful for this act of kindness during these difficult times.


In the Time Machine

The Longest Two Weeks

By John Neiva

March 28, 2021


It is March 13, 2020, and your teachers tell you that school is shutting down because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We all went home to stop the spread of the virus.


We thought it would last about two weeks.


2020 was already a tough year for many of us with the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd, the bushfires in Australia, and the presidential election, to name a few.


The CoronaVirus Pandemic made everything even more challenging because schools had to close and we had to do our learning online. Some people lost their jobs due to shutdowns happening. 


When It was first announced that we would be doing school off campus, most of us thought it would feel like an extended spring break and that the virus wasn’t a big deal. Just over one year later, there have been over 123 million cases and 2.7 million deaths according to the World Health Organization( March 24, 2021)  Many of these cases were because of people who still thought it wasn’t a big deal. Large gatherings happened over summer as well as the holidays which caused spikes to happen as well as variants of the virus. 


Vaccines have started rolling out mostly for elderly and healthcare workers and are closely rolling out to essential workers and teachers. President Biden is hoping that every adult gets the vaccine before May. At the start of his presidency, Biden vowed to deliver at least 100 million shots of the vaccine in his first 100 days of his presidency. It has been 58 days as of March 19 2021 and that promise has been fulfilled.


With so many people getting vaccines, and hospitalizations way down, school is due to open up in April, at least partly.


This has been the longest two weeks ever. 




Mr. Adame: Paying it Forward

By Joshua Melendez    

February 24, 2021


In the spring semester of 2021, LASGS received a new addition to our wonderful community. His name is Mr. Adame. Mr. Adame’s position here at LASGS is a student teacher alongside the 11th grade English/History Teacher, Mr. Jacobo. 


Mr. Adame lived most of his years in Southern California, he was raised in West Covina and lived in Orange County as a teenager and young adult. He believes that the only thing that changes about life is its landscape. 


Mr. Adame shared that as a high-schooler he got all passing grades and that he was liked by most, if not all his teachers. He continues to share about his high school experience by sharing that he played all sports (football, basketball, and baseball) but claims baseball was his most natural sport. According to him, he really enjoyed his High School experience. 


He proceeded to attend a community college right out of Highschool, but admits he was not academically prepared to succeed in college. He stumbled for three years until an opportunity presented itself to start his career in design/advertising. 


His first career was working in the Hollywood advertising industry for about 15 years. He worked on movie campaigns designing and producing movie posters, billboards and a host of other key art adaptations of a given movie's key art (key art is the central key piece of art for a movie that all other ads designs and products of the movie are based on). 


At the age of 30, Mr. Adame finally felt that he had the ability to succeed in college. He went back to attend LACC for 3 years while working full-time and received his A.A in art. He transferred  to USC where he graduated from Roski School of Art and Design with honors and a minor in Education and Society. 


He is currently enrolled in a Masters in Education from Rossier School of Education at USC. He adds “It felt good to succeed at school. I could feel my perspective widen.”


His first impression of LASGS was that “it was a supportive community of educators. I could not have asked for a better supporter on my path to become an educator than to have Mr. Jacobo as my guiding teacher for my student teaching. He sets a great example as an educator and his help and support thus far has been invaluable.


He said he wanted to do this job because he felt it was time to give back and be of service, “it was time for me to return the favor and pay it forward to be there for students in the way I had people look out for my best interests.”


I can also personally state that Mr. Adame is a great teacher, he has a special unique way of teaching. One example is, while we (11th graders) learned about the roaring 20’s Mr. Adame would set the mood by adding Jazz music in the background which continues to play as he teaches.


When he’s not teaching, Mr. Adame enjoys playing pickup basketball at the gym or park, drawing, painting and designing. As for Mr.’s personal life, he has yet to find the lucky lady, has no kids but he has a small poodle named Maximus.


“I felt like it was time for me to return the favor and pay it forward, to be there for students in the way I had people look out for my best interests.”


Bernie Meme

By Claudia Mendez and Kimberly Lujan


February 12, 2021

Attending the January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day ceremony welcoming the new president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the first woman vice president, Kamala Harris, on the west front of the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.ceremony was Bernie Sanders, a United States Senator from Vermont.


A photo of him at the ceremony went viral on the internet. It all started when he was sitting on his chair being unbothered wearing hand-knit mittens and his protective mask.


Inauguration Day can become like the Oscars, with a red carpet, and many people pay attention to what political leaders are wearing. Some wore vibrant colors such as Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Amanda Gorman, and Kamala Harris.


However, Bernie Sanders dressed up comfy and aware of the freezing day. After that, he instantly started to become a meme on the internet. It all started on Twitter with the hashtags (#BernieSandersMeme #BernieMeme). Artists and fans photoshopped Bernie onto album covers, artwork, and famous movies. Washington-based photojournalist Bredan Smialowski captured the pictures of Bernie.  


Sanders decided to use his meme and designed it on a sweatshirt to sell it on his “Bernie Campaign Store” to raise money for charity. He sold his sweatshirts for forty-five dollars and right away they sold out.


But he was not the only one who also designed sweatshirts with his meme. Other small businesses in social media like TikTok decided to sell their designs to him and were able to make a profit from it. A tiktoker user (@sewmoger) designed herself with a custom sweatshirt with an embroidery machine.


A Connecticut man named David Sepulveda created a snow sculpture of the Sanders meme in front of his home. Sepulveda has created other past snow displays such as dragons, buddhas, and president Snowbama. 


Overall, you can see Bernie Sanders took the spotlight of the special day for the 46th presidential ceremony, becoming a meme for the day and being able to make others laugh.


Yes, okay to go outside - but stay safe!

Nelson Espinal and Edwin Retana

December 17, 2020


Staying at home does get boring. After awhile you get to the point that you forget there is a pandemic going on and you want to go out and have fun. Well that is what some people do currently, like for example, go play soccer or hang out with your friends and skate. 


Many want to do this but we have to follow the safety protocols of Covid-19, which is to always wear a mask, avoid close contact with people, practice social distancing, and wash your hands when you get home.


A bunch of people go out, but now that the pandemic has picked up, the L.A county gave us a few restrictions, like the stay-at-home order unless it’s necessary, and no people can be out later than 10 p.m. 


The LA Times said that was “the strongest restriction in months” But Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said “The county is at a different place now that we were in March and April when we didn’t have the science around masking and distancing, Now that we do, it offers us a slightly different path forward,” she added. “But I’ll be honest: It only offers us a different path forward if everyone’s doing it.” 


When we go out we should always wear a mask of course but if we don't do that and we continue to not follow the safety protocols Director Ferrer said that “it’s possible the county could find itself back where it was back in early the spring.” And we wouldn't want to go back to how we were back in spring. It has been a crazy year but we are all going to get through it if we all follow the safety guidelines provided to us, and if you get bored you can take your children to parks and playgrounds still.


Here’s an article for the latest information:


LA Parks information:

The Amazing Pets of Global Studies - Part 1

By Nayeli Ramirez-Gonzalez

December 17, 2020



We all know that 2020 has been a horrible year for everyone. Every stormy cloud has a silver lining. Although this year was bad for businesses, it was great for pet adoptions and fostering. Covid-19 gave a great opportunity for those who were looking to adopt but didn’t have the time to properly care for an animal. Multiple shelters experienced an overwhelming amount of people interested in adopting and fostering. According to an article by CNBC, ASPCA experienced a almost 70% increase in fostering applications. A shelter in Modesto was nearly emptied. In an article by The Modesto Bee, a shelter in Modesto, CA was nearly cleared out of its 237 animals. Those are just examples of how the current pandemic has had a few positive outcomes. There are many great reasons to have a pet during this pandemic. They offer emotional support, provide comfort, and are basically a beam of joy. They provide us with a sense of normalcy. If you are interested in adopting or fostering here are some resources that may help. 

How to Adopt or Foster a Dog or Cat During COVID-19

Remote Adoption/Foster Protocol

Los Angeles Animal Services

Cat Adoption Checklist 

Dog Adoption Checklist


There are a lot of great animals supporting the humans at Global Studies. This is the first in a series.



This is Mrs. Kauil Cervantes’ bunny MoMo. MoMo is 3 years old and has kept her company and happiness during quarantine. MoMo’s most annoying habit is chewing on cables. Mrs. Kauil Cervantes is MoMo’s favorite person.  














Spooky is one year old and his owner is Yari Cuevas. Spooky is funny and will provide you with cuddles. His tricks are giving you his paw and having a big appetite for a small pupper. 









LBLittle Bear is Ms. Hickman’s teaching buddy. He is 12 years old and couldn’t care less about COVID. He enjoys going on walks, eating, and cuddling with his humans. He knows how to sit and turn in a circle. His annoying characteristic is that he smells really bad. His favorite human is whoever will provide him with food. 





solThis is Sol, Jose’s cat, they’re 6 years old. They’ve helped Jose maintain his sanity during this insane year. They help with destressing by cuddling. Their annoying habit is jumping onto Jose’s things. Their favorite human is Jose’s mother. 





PandaPanda is Ms. O'Briens 6-year-old doggie. She knows sit, stay, let go, lay down. Panda’s most annoying habit is eating cat poop. Her favorite human is Ms. O'Brien.  “She is so sweet and comforting. She always comes up to me for snuggles. I think she appreciates that I am home all the time now. She used to be home alone in the apartment all day. I appreciate that she gives structure and routine to my day. I always have to walk her in the morning and night. I have been taking her to the park a lot during quarantine as a break from my house. I'm really grateful to have her during quarantine. One week my dad watched her and she wasn't home and it made me realize how much I missed her and how much she has added to my quarantine life.”- Ms. O'Brien


The Biggest Little Farm - Movie Review

By Joshua Melendez

December 14, 2020


A movie about a farm? How boring. At least that’s what I thought. It starts with a fire.


The Biggest Little Farm is a documentary about a couple who were facing eviction because of their barking dog, and decided to start their own farm in Moorpark, California. 


The husband was a cameraman, and the wife was a private chef who loved to cook with the best, most natural ingredients. She wanted to grow everything she would cook with - fruit, plants, cows, pigs, chickens, etc. The goal was to create a perfect balance so that everything on the farm would work together in harmony. Easy, right? 


After friends helped them, they were able to persuade a company to lend them money, they were able to buy a 200-acre farm.


The film intensely focuses on all the roles that animals play in nature and its complexity. It was like every animal had its purpose - ducks ate the snails that were ruining the trees, owls ate gophers that were eating the roots of the orchards, the rooster kept Emma the pig company. Even the animals that put the farm in jeopardy had their benefits and contributed to the farm. The struggles of their mentor dying and the coyotes killing the chickens added to the drama of the story. 


In wanting to make their dreams a reality, this couple showed how people can live in balance with nature and how they achieved their goal shows that what seems impossible can also help the earth and give us purpose.


The Social Dilemma - Movie Review

Joshua Melendez

December 11, 2020

Social Dilemma

“The Social Dilemma” is a film that raises concerns about what social media does to us and how it is impacting our everyday lives. The documentary features Tristan Harris and other computer scientists who are concerned about the negative effects of social media. 


Watching this movie you’ll realize nothing is free. 


Companies like Google may seem free but they aren’t. Google and other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. compete for your attention so they can gather your information to create predictions on what you’ll look at and for how long. Every day they get better and better at predicting exactly what you’ll do if they give you this or that stimulus, such as a notification or like. Using that information, Social Media places advertisements specifically made for you, that's what makes google not free. A quote mentioned in the movie by Harris which really made sense after hearing that information was “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.”


What makes this terrifying is we created a world where online connection became primary with no way to control it. It is a proven fact by that Gen Z (1997-2015) is more fragile. “The rates of them getting driver’s licenses dropped, people who have romantic experiences like first dates have also dropped. Research shows that we are more depressed”. In the movie, there was a scene where a young girl took a picture and received a little number of likes. She deleted it and decided to post another picture with multiple filters and received more likes. We conflate likes and thumbs up with value. We force ourselves to reach for others’ approval. 2011-2013 number of teen girls self-harm increased the same pattern with suicide. All of this is because social media, to us, is like a drug. 


I believe the biggest threat shown is propaganda. They recommend videos to us based on what they think will be more likely to grab your attention and this can be dangerous because they can brainwash us and show us propaganda and we will blindly believe. An example the movie shows is Kyrie Irving, an NBA Star, believing that the earth is flat based on a recommended Youtube video he saw. I believe and agree with the information they gave me because I experienced propaganda too, while scrolling on Instagram I saw a ‘recommended video’ I was manipulated to believe that the coronavirus was invented on the 5GB update on our phones or about how birds would just die out of nowhere and people believed this was because of the radiation of the update. 


In the movie, they add that they are not trying to say social media has only caused bad things because that's obviously not the truth. There are apps that actually do help us with our everyday life. An example of this is google maps, you insert the address of where you'd like to go and it gives you the fastest route to your destination. 


Harris and other experts like Jaron Lanier, warn of addiction, and that the goal of social media is actually to change a person’s behavior. All mentioned how we need to create a balance between social media and real life. One way to become less addicted is to turn your notifications off and distance yourself from your phone. Another way is for citizens to ask representatives to regulate social media so that they will face consequences for spreading misinformation and disinformation. 


Overall, this movie was great. As someone who is in Gen Z, I felt like I related to this movie and as I said earlier it is terrifying to find out how social media can manipulate your actions. This was a 9 out of 10 and I would definitely recommend it to any audience, especially middle and high school students.



PS5, Where art thou?

by Alex Hipolito

December 9, 2020

On November 12, 2020 Sony released the PlayStation 5 to most parts of the world. Sony has only released limited stock and many people still haven’t been able to get it.


Due to the pandemic Sony was only able to make limited units of the PS5. Places like Japan sold around 118,000 units during launch week according to Famitus, also known as a line of Japanese video game magazines published by Kadokawa Game Linkage. In the United States the PS5 was sold in minutes after launch. Even though it sounds they sold a lot, millions of people are trying to secure one. According to Bloomberg Sony was originally planning on making 15 million PS5 consoles by the end of March 2021 but due to issues they cut it down to 11 million.


Why is it hard to get a PS5? Not only due to low production because of the pandemic but also the high demand for it. Stores like Walmart, best buy and Target have to sell PS5 online which makes it harder to buy. Many people are home waiting until these stores go live and sell. These people are refreshing the pages waiting and waiting and waiting. Once these stores start selling their websites start crashing because many people are trying to buy it. Another big reason is because of bots. 



PS5 Walmart

Picture of the Walmart website when trying to buy the PS5


Scalpers are all over the PS5 market and these scalpers are using bots to buy PS5. What these scalpers do is buy these bots that buy PS5 when they are sold and makes it harder for other people to buy. After they buy PS5’s they resell them for 2 times or even 3 to 4 times their original price. These scalpers make profit and make it super hard for others to buy a PS5.


Do you have a PS5? Reporter Alex Hipolito would like to hear from you.




Meet Ms. Kauil

By Nelson Espinal, November 20, 2020


Ms. Kauil

“I enjoyed working with young people, and really it didn't feel like ‘work’ to me.”


Ms. Reyna Kauil-Cervantes, the new Ethnic Studies and Freshmyn Seminar Teacher at Global Studies, shared how she became interested in becoming a teacher after a teaching experience that she had to study abroad in China.


“I had a lot of fun in that position,” she said about being a volunteer English teacher.


After that experience she looked into Teacher Education Programs and decided to give it a shot.


“My high school World History teacher motivated me to become a teacher,” she explained. “I don’t necessarily remember the content that he taught, but I do remember how he made me feel: smart, empowered, and important.” 


The first school in which she was a full-time teacher was at Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science school. This school is located on the campus of Cal State LA, in the East LA area. It is a small charter high school where she taught World History, Latin American Studies, and Ethnic Studies for four years. 


How did she find her way to our school? In 2016 she was completing her  Master's program and teaching credential. Part of the requirements for the teaching credential was to "student-teach" with an experienced teacher for parts of a school year. She was first assigned to a teacher at a charter school but it didn't work out for her, she said: “it was a negative experience and I didn't feel I was learning much.”  The professor recommended she meet Ms. Solig and she decided to give it a shot. One day she met with her after school and she kind of "interviewed" and after talking about getting a feel for the school they both thought it was a good fit.  


She started coming to Global 4 days a week from March-June. On some days she would observe Ms. Solig teach and other days She would lead lessons. she was excited to be part of a project-based school and see the "hands-on" learning.   


She is also a big fan of Sophomore Defense and Senior Defense. She has actually seen a Sophomore defense and was blown away by the level of agency students at that grade level demonstrate. She taught 10th graders at her previous school and they didn’t always push them to have that agency. That is why she says “she is  happy to be at this school.” She really thinks it is great to push students to own their learning and have skills such as presenting and collaboration.


“If teaching didn’t work out, I would have wanted to work in government.” She would’ve worked in the state capitol perhaps with an elected official and someday considered running for office herself.


Until she runs for office, we get to learn from her at Global Studies. 



Ps5 on Deck

By Alex Hipolito, November 10, 2020


On June 11,2020 the Playstation 5 was officially revealed to the public by Sony.


What is the Playstation 5? Everyone knows what a Playstation is, but if you don't, Playstation is a gaming console with countless numbers of games. Sony has sold over 400 million consoles since 1995.


What makes the Playstation 5 different from other consoles? Sony, the company of Playstation competes with Microsoft, the company that owns Xbox. A lot of people compare and argue about Playstation or Xbox being better. Here are some details about Playstation game exclusives, Playstation and Xbox pricing, hardware, and deals.


Sony has stated the Ps5 will be able to play games at 4k and 120 frames. That is very impressive. The Ps5 will have 825 gb of space which is a downgrade from the ps4. Sony will sell 2 Ps5, one will have a disk drive and the other will not. The Ps5 without disk drive will sell for $400 and with disk it will sell for $500. Comparing the Ps5 and Xbox series x the Xbox beats them with price. Xbox new consoles will also sell their new console without a disk drive for 300.


Stay tuned for more information about the Ps5 once it comes out.

From the Teacher’s Viewpoint

By Joshua Melendez, November 6, 2020


“The hardest thing is to generate participation online,” Ms. Solig shared about her online teaching experience. 


I recently sat down on Zoom with Ms. Solig, an English/History teacher at Los Angeles School of Global Studies. I wanted to ask her about what it’s like to teach during this pandemic. It turns out, student participation is just one of the challenges. 


The biggest challenge Ms. Solig has faced is creating balance in her life, creating time to work and to take care of her kid. She also mentioned that it feels like she isn’t getting to know her students as she did in the previous years.

Solig Workspace 2020


When I asked, what are a couple of things you would try to make the students understand about your struggles? Ms. Solig suggested students should be considerate to teachers, especially those with kids. Ms. Solig has a 1-year-old son at home and she says she has many distractions. Ms. Solig adds that she barely has space to work since her husband is also at home working. 



An additional question I asked was; do you feel like school now, is teaching students that learning is less important than passing?  



Ms. Solig in her home office. 


“I want everyone to pass their classes and I don't want these circumstances to make students fall behind. I try to create opportunities where there are questions that require your opinion on answers rather than right or wrong answers since students can just search the internet for answers.” 


She also shared some positive aspects of her distance learning and quarantine experience. 


“There are a lot of things as a parent I don’t miss out on because I’m home with my son all the time”. She added, “I feel like I’ve been able to adapt and learn technology and I would have never thought of using that also would be helpful in a physical environment.”


Although quarantine is a difficult time for Ms. Solig I believe that she is taking it as a learning experience; she is grateful for the time she spends with her family and tries her hardest to make distance learning manageable for students.

Solig 2020 workspace 2

Teachers can work from anywhere. #teacherlife2020

The Not-So-Secret Life of Mr. Su


February 7th, 2020

By: Gilberto Lopez, Marlon Hernandez, and John Az

Mr. Su is very well known in the Global Studies community. You know he is a math teacher, but did you also know he is a gamer? 

Always a Gamer

Before Mr. Su started to be a teacher, he would play for about 3-4 hours a day during college for 3-4 days a week. Now he only plays about 1-2 hours per night, except for weekends, where it varies. He started playing video games when he was two years old. His first console was the SEGA Genesis! He played games as a way to take a break between studying or homework for different classes. 

For Mr. Su’s first tournament, he went to the Winter Game Fest at UC San Diego during the winter of 2011. He didn't win since pros from all over the country were there. The Nintendo 64 was the most memorable console to him; games like Super Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium, Donkey Kong 64, and  Kirby 64 were all amazing and nostalgic!

John/Eduardo is one of the most challenging players Mr. Su has played against in MCLC and the only person who has beaten him. 

Other cool facts about Mr. Su

He has three cats. Ollie and Momo, and Tamago is the newest kitten in his family. She's a baby calico with an abundance of energy and is super adorable, except when she's trying to steal your human food - then she gets aggressive.

Mr. Su’s wedding is coming up and he is very excited, but also a bit nervous since, as with all big events, he worries that something will go wrong. 

It's surprising that Mr. Su was able to balance his hobbies and studies/career. Mr. Su is a good role model for many teens that can relate to him.

We’ll be checking back with Mr. Su after the big day.



Tribute To Kobe Bryant

By Claudia Mendez


On Sunday morning, January 26 we got the tragic news that the American professional NBA player Kobe Bryant at age forty-one had passed away. He and the other victims were heading for a game to Mamba Sports Academy that he built in 2016 to help out young athletes. He had already retired in 2016 from basketball with the Los Angeles Lakers who played 20 seasons. Kobe’s numbers were 8 and 24. His last game was on April 13, 2016, against the Utah Jazz and scored sixty points.  


Unfortunately, the news hit all around Los Angeles which affected many fans, family and friends. On that same day, they decided to pay tribute to him and his daughter Gianna Bryant (Gigi)  who was just thirteen years old who also died in the crash with the seven other passengers (John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, Christina Mauser, and Ara Zobayan). 


Fans left ballons flowers, candles, basketball balls, banners, pictures, letters, stuffed animals and posters all around Staples Center. “ And we’re literally standing here heartbroken in the house that Kobe Bryant Build”-Alicia keys said on The 62nd Grammy Awards just hours after finding out the news of his death at the Staple Center.

Staple CenterVictims

Kobe Bryant changed many people's lives which in 2007 he and his wife Vanessa Bryant had founded “The Kobe and Bryant Family Foundation” that will help the ones in need and for other young kids be able to be active in sports. He also donated to his good friend LeBron James “LeBron’s Jame’s I promise school” he had donated a book series “ Wizenard” that was published in March 2019.

He left behind his wife Vanessa Bryant and three other daughters Natalia Bryant, Bianka Bryant and Capri Bryant. His wife asked that the items fans had left outside Staple Center will be given to her and family. 

Kobe will always be remembered because Babe Ruth once said: Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”


Farewell Mr. Brown:

Until We Meet Again

By Andrew Salazar, Brandon Acuña, Rosa Martinez, Carlos Melendez, John Gomez

Mr. Brown

David G. Brown in his classroom (photo: Rosa Martinez)


Come this June, seniors will be graduating and moving on, but so will someone else. Graphic Design Teacher David G. Brown will be winding up his ten-year career at Global Studies. 


Before David Brown worked at LASGS, he used to work in the Downtown Los Angeles area where he said he felt privileged to work in one of the office buildings: the Wells Fargo Bank Center. He used to work as an art director, which included touching up certain images such as jewelry and photos of models.


In 1992 tragedy struck in Los Angeles. The so-called LA Riots were a very destructive and chaotic event that resulted in about 50 deaths and 3,000 injuries. On April 29, 1992, the verdict was announced that found the four white police officers not guilty of the beating of Rodney King. After that, violence broke out.  


When Brown soon realized how the city was destroying itself, he wanted to give back towards the community. So he used his skills from past jobs and created a comic book series, in which the superhero, “L.A. Phoenix, ̈ was the representation of hope in the community of L.A. The comic showed that there were other ways to deal with problems without the use of violence. It

also focused on community challenges such as gang violence, drug abuse, graffiti, and other issues as well.


After this, Brown dedicated himself to an afterschool program called ̈Tales from the Kids¨ which gave students the opportunity to draw and create comics. 


He got a chance to be on CNN for an interview. Because of this, he moved on to do guest lectures at UCLA and UC Santa Barbara where he lectured and showed his political cartoons and work he's done in newspapers, such as the Los Angeles Sentinel.


After teaching at the college level, Brown moved on to teaching at Jordan High School. It was a drastic change from teaching adults to teaching teenagers.”Having to learn school culture and how teenagers act was .¨ 


David Brown has enjoyed his ten years of teaching at Global Studies, from awarding students certificates for Adobe Photoshop, to seeing the progress of the students he ́s taught from freshmyn year all the way to senior year. 


David standing in front of the cover from his comic book, “L.A. Phoenix” (Courtesy Photo, from the LA Sentinel)


In June he will be semi-retiring. He wishes to travel, obtain new skills, continue with the skills he has obtained and better yet improve them. 


When asked for some advice he would give to our fellow students at Global Studies, he answered by saying “you can do whatever you set your mind to. Even if you come from a harsh/bad background you can push through and with the given skills that others have taught you´ll be able to achieve many great things, to just pursue your dreams overall.¨

A Tour of The Rock, aka Alcatraz

by Briande Romero

January 31, 2020


SAN FRANCISCO - Alcatraz Island is located in San Francisco bay, near the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It was developed in 1934 as a prison built to be inescapable for the most vicious prisoners who had been able to escape other prisons. It closed its doors on March 21, 1963, because the prison was too expensive to continue operating according to


According to the same source, the Alcatraz prison was discovered by a Spanish explorer Manuel de Ayala, but the island was in fact Indian land. The Spanish explorer took control over this land in 1775. Native Americans attempted to make a school in the 1960s but were kicked out by the government. More than a dozen prisoners had attempted to escape this infamous prison but all failed before the three famous men that escaped.


One reason Alcatraz is so famous is for the three men that attempted to escape the “inescapable” prison.


It was built to be the most secure prison, but these men were successful. Famous bank robbers, Frank Morris, and brothers John and Clarence Anglin were the three men. The guards realized they escaped the morning of June 12, 1962. These men used spoons they had stolen from the cafeteria to create a hole through the wall of their cell, this took them 8 months. In their beds laid dummy heads they made out of plaster, flesh-tone paint, and real human hair according to The dummy heads fooled the night guards into thinking they were sleeping. These men escaped the actual prison but vanished later on.


Their bodies were never found, resulting in the closure of the case on December 31, 1979. It was presumed they drowned because of the strong currents and the temperature of the water. Even though they were never found they still did break out of the actual prison making this successful escape the most dangerous and daring prison break of all time.


Being so interested in the most notorious prison break of all time, I decided to go to San Francisco and see the prison in flesh on January 10, 2020. Tickets for my mom and myself were available at for $39.95 each) The cruise that takes you to the actual island is located at Pier 33. The cruise ride is 15 minutes long and you get to see the beautiful view of the city of San Francisco.


Once we got there, there was a tour guide that handed us a map of the island (it cost $1). The tour guide gave us a background of the prison and who the island really belonged to. There is also an audio tour where you can hear the stories of life inside the prison by former inmates and correctional officers.

Briande's Mom


While we walked through the very small cells, in these cells the former inmates had their clothing, toothbrush, a small broken toilet, a desk, and other personal items. We were listening to their stories about why they landed in Alcatraz prison, their routine, and details about fights between correctional officers and inmates.


The correctional officers practically lived on the island but were able to get to nearby San Francisco by boat.

When the audio tour finalized, we waited for the cruise to come get us and the other tourists. We went back to our hotel and talked about our experience together.


Locking up my mom for waking me up early every day for school. (photo: Briande Romero) 


The Connector:

Joel Vaca becomes Global's Community School Coordinator

January 31, 2020

Marlon Hernandez, John Az, Andy Munguia

Joel VacaMarlon Hernandez and Eduardo Az with Joel Vaca, center. (photo: Andy Munguia)

LOS ANGELES - Global Studies has hired our first Community School Coordinator, and his name is Joel Vaca. Joel Vaca plays an important role in our school. By connecting with all of the people of our community - students, families, teachers, staff, businesses, community and civic organizations, and more-  he will help us learn and share our strengths and areas of need so all the students and families can be more successful.

What are “Community Schools?” 

According to the United Teachers Los Angeles, “Community schools leverage public schools to become hubs of educational, cultural, health and civic partnerships, improving the education of children in the community and furthering the revitalization of the entire community.” Los Angeles Unified School District is divided into five smaller districts, and Global Studies is in Local District Central. Many schools applied to become Community Schools last year, but Global Studies was the only one selected in Local District Central in 2019. In addition to being able to hire a Coordinator, the school will also be getting additional money in the coming years. 

When did Joel Vaca Start, and what did he do before?

He started working at Global Studies on January 13th, 2020. Before working at Global Studies he was a math teacher from 2000-2019. He taught at LAUSD schools. This is his 5th week here and he is learning about the school by observing.

What does he hope to accomplish?

Joel Vaca’s goals in the short term are to extend the learning time, increase volunteering, and focus on attendance issues. He is also engaging the community in partnerships that meet critical needs and support student achievement. He would like for the students of Global Studies to get involved with the community and will try to motivate students to accomplish their goals. He will get students involved with volunteer work by providing reasons. His job is important because it provides space and time for teachers to focus on their classes and students. He also hopes to help other teachers achieve their goals. Joel Vaca wants students and parents to feel at home and will try to make this school a safe place. 

Another big goal for his first year is to interview students and parents to try to get to know what is needed for the school. His office hours are 30 minutes before school, and one hour after school.  He is located in the office next to Ms. Kantack. 


Donald Trump Is Impeached

By: Jorge Dubon and Josue Torres

December 20, 2019


On Tuesday, December 17th, 2019, the people of Los Angeles made a rally for the impeachment of Mr. Donald Trump. They were listening to speakers who wanted the president to be impeached. They brought a lot of signs and stood in front of City Hall. There was a balloon of Donald Trump dressed as a Russian soldier. Some people think that Donald Trump is too friendly with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.



Balloon of President Trump as Russian Soldier


On Wednesday, December 18th, the House of Representatives voted to impeach the president on two articles: 1) Abuse of Power, and 2)Obstruction of Congress.  He is the third president in the history of the United States to be impeached.  


Global Student-Athletes of 2019-2020

Claudia Mendez

December 18, 2019


On December 11, 2019, we had our last assembly of the semester. The leadership decided to recognize students who are in our school were in a sport this fall. They recognized the football team, girl's basketball team, SRLA (Students Run Los Angeles) and the soccer team for girls and boys. They only announced the sports that have finished or are currently playing this year. Next, semester they will be announcing the rest of the sports that students in our school will be playing.


 SRLA      Basketball      Soccer


Talking Stocks

By Nathan Tapia

December 12, 2019


The Stock Market is a game of risk. When you participate in the Stock Market game it’s always important to buy low and sell high. 


Ms.Burnham teaches a Financial Literacy class where her students play in “ the Stock Market Game.” The Stock Market is a place where you can buy a part of a company in the hopes of profiting from it when the company does well. It is also a place of risk you can lose money if the stock you bought goes bad.


In Ms. Burnham’s class, the group called Red Fort has been performing up to standards. They are in the top 40 in the region and the stocks are doing really well. The members of Red Fort are Jesus, Mario, and Nathan. One of their best selling stocks is called Advanced Micro Devices, inc. They have gained a lot of profit from this stock. They stand in place 38 in the region but things only look positive for them as of right now.


stocks story


Brawl in the Hall

by Deysi Recinos

December 13, 2019

Wednesday 12/11/19 at 10:45 in the hall of Global Studies, two students formed a fight. According to Ms. Gaby in the Global Studies Office, they were fighting for 5 minutes. The teachers intervened wanting to stop the fight. The fight was very serious. To prevent fights, teachers will be in the hallway while students change classes.


Teachers from all the schools are having a  meeting after school on Friday the 13th to talk about safety on the MCLC Campus. 


Neighborhood Oil-Part 1

By: John Gomez, Andrew Salazar, Claudia Mendez

December 11, 2019

Many oil drills are active in Los Angeles. 

No one seems to notice most of them because they like to be well hidden. Some of the oil wells are also located around our school and in neighborhoods where people live. There are health effects from living so close to oil production. 

Some wells are even located around Vista Hermosa Natural Park, just blocks away from MCLC on Toluca and Beverly. 

oil drill

This disguised well is at 185 S. Mountain View Ave.

Part 2: The History of oil in L.A.

Join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament

By Eduardo Az Hernandez and Eduardo Ramirez       November 20, 2019

Smash Bros

Want to show your skills and show people who is the ultimate player? Then you should join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament. In this tournament, there will be two types of sides, one for winners and one for losers. The first one will be the winner’s side, and the other one is the loser’s side, and if a player loses on the loser side, then they are disqualified. Whoever wins the loser side and the winner side is going to fight in the last match ‘The Grand Finals.’ 


If anyone is wondering about how many spots there are for the tournament, there will be 32 spots available. We want everyone to join and it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. We want everyone to show their skills and try to go for the top. For more information, go to room 6053B after school. There, we will tell you the rules of how the tournament is going to work. There are also going to be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


The tournament will be held on December 9, and to register you have to go to the World Fit For Kid office and you have December 2nd-6th to apply. The location will be in room 6053B, and the tournament will start at 3:30 pm. The organizer hopes everyone will have fun during the tournament.

Homecoming Dance

By Francisco Chavarria, Josue Torres. Steysi Galvez,  Jorge Dubon November 13, 2019



On Saturday, November 2nd, at seven o’clock, the students at MCLC had a homecoming dance in the small gym.

The students were excited to know the Kings and Queens of the MCLC. Dr. Quintero and staff were in the entrance waiting for the students and taking the tickets for the  dance. The homecoming theme was based on Coco’s movie and some students were dressed up based on the theme. 


During the dance, a girl was apparently drunk, and fainted. The teachers went to see what they can do for her. The students continued dancing until 11 pm, but after some minutes students said that they heard a gunshot outside the school so all students came inside the Gym. It was only a firecracker, and the students went back to the gym to find out who became the Kings and Queens of MCLC. The king of Global Studies was Andy and the Queen was Yésica. At the end of the homecoming the DJ was playing pop music.


Su’s Advisory wins soccer tournament

By Deysi Recinos, Jorge Dubon, Josue Torres and Francisco Chavarria

November 15, 2019

Today was the soccer tournament final at Global Studies in the small gym. 


This week and last, the advisory students of Global Studies played soccer against other advisories. Last Friday, the winners of four of the Advisories played against each other.  This week, more Advisories played until there was a winner. They played soccer in the MCLC field at the 9:30 am during breakfast. 


The finalists were Mr. Su’s Advisory’s and Ms. O’Brien’s Advisory. During the game they fought hard to win. The final score was 1-0  with the winning goal scored by Alberto Flores off a pass from Alex Cruz.


As he walked out with his team, holding the trophy high, Mr. Su was heard to say “Let’s go celebrate with more homework!” 

Volley Tennis The Menace

By Andrew Salazar              November 13, 2019


Finals for the Volley Tennis tournament were held on October 16, 2019 on the MCLC tennis courts. Garvey Su’s advisory and Ryan Smith’s advisory went neck to neck. Although Smith’s advisory was mostly filled with athletes, Su’s advisory was filled with competitors. 


In Fall of 2019, Marianne O’Brien from LASGS gave the idea to start a series of tournaments for Advisory.  Several events are planned to encourage school spirit.

For the finals, everybody gathered around at the tennis court to watch the final game for the tournament


John Leguizamo edifies and entertains in Latin History for Morons

by Nathan Tapia November 12, 2019



Latin History for Morons is a decent show but it has room for improvement. The title implies that everyone who attends is a moron in need of Latin History, and it is true that many high school students do not know much about Latin History. 

On October 17th, 81 Global Studies students from all grade levels went to see Latin History for Morons at the Music Center in downtown LA. John Leguizamo performed for students his one-man show at the music center. Leguizamo not only wrote this play for the benefit of learning about Latin history but he wrote it for his son who was being bullied and had no hero to look up to. 

His jokes were very funny but certainly not PG. A strength of the play was that he was able to give some background about the history. Aspects of the play that could have been improved were that parts were too long and he could have expanded even more on Latin History.

Keeping it clean with Kennya

by Claudia Mendez November 8, 2019


Have you ever noticed how every morning our hallways and walkways are clean?

That is thanks, in part, to Kennya Lima-Garcia, a custodian at LASGS who has been working here for a year and two months. She decided to work as a custodian since she needed the money for college. Thankfully, her brother works on campus and was able to recommend her for the job. Becoming a custodian made her change her mind about how she used to feel about it. Also, she got to see our school from the perspective of a custodian.

When coming to clean our hallway after school she has a certain amount of time to clean a room. If teachers ask her a favor to clean their room, she might have to say no because of the time she needs to clean around our school. She only gets paid from 2:30 pm to 11:00 pm. If she stays after 11:00 pm to clean she doesn’t get paid. Also, when we students have a day off school she comes at 6:00 am in the morning to come and clean.

Clean hallways at Global Studies (photo by Claudia Mendez)


Something she enjoys about her job is that she likes making a difference even if others don’t see it. Some of the disadvantages in our school’s bathroom are the amount of “tagging on the walls and plugging the toilets,” Kennya says. When coming in the morning for school students can see that the bathrooms are well cleaned. But later that day bathrooms are already dirty, with toilet paper on the floor and tagging on the bathroom doors or on walls.

Probably most students don’t tag their own bathrooms at home or stuff their own toilets with toilet paper. If students respect the custodian, maybe they will pick up their mess and leave the bathrooms clean. Think of Kennya, and if you see her in the hallway make sure to say thank you.



Join the Gaming Club today

By Eduardo Az Hernandez and Eduardo Ramirez 

October 23, 2019

Gaming Club

MC Gaming Club Members (photo by John Gomez)


If you are stressed about school, homework, or house problems then take your stress out by joining the gaming club and battle against other gamers. In the MC Gaming Club, we invite any student from any academy to come and have fun. we battle each other in games and get to know each other. 

You can also be at the gaming club if you want to train with other students from different grade levels. There are multiple Nintendo switches in the club so you can play other games. For example, the Games we have at the gaming club are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, and more other games (we only name these because they’re the main ones, ESPECIALLY SUPER SMASH BROS). We also have a Wii console and a PS3. If you people get bored don’t worry, we can buy other consoles and games too.  

The club meets after school on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:00 pm. in room 6053B, in front of the boys’ locker room, and On Tuesday we just go straight to room 6053B, because every academy comes out at a different time. The club invites everyone to join. The more players we have, the better the competitions will be.   

Lupita’s Grand Re-Opening

Lupita with reporters

Paxtor, Morales, and Perez with Lupita Aranga, owner of Lupita’s

By Gelber Morales, Braian Paxtor, Lorenzo Perez

September 13, 2019

LOS ANGELES - The first thing you notice is that the sign is new. Instead of Lupita’s, it’s now Lupita’s Corner. On Thursday, September 12, the real Lupita and her family had a grand re-opening to show off the newly remodeled store.

The corner store, at 3rd and Lucas, was crowded with people. There was a news truck, customers, and many police. City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell was also there, and explained how the city helped with some parts of the remodel. 

The Los Angeles Food Policy Council also helped Lupita’s to become more healthy. Alba Velasquez, program director of LAFPC’s Healthy Neighborhood Market Network, spoke to students at the event. 

¨We want to help local markets become more healthy for the community.¨  

Lupita’s Corner is more airy and organized, according to customers.

before and after

Before                                                                                           After

Survey Says: Advisory Culture

October 2, 2019 

By Claudia Mendez and Deysi Recinos 

Our Journalism class decided to do a survey, where students tell us their experience about their own advisories. 112 students responded to the survey. 

         Our first question in this survey was “ What do you like most about your advisory?”

Most students' responses were similar. Most students said that what they like about Advisory is that they have free time to do work for other classes. Also, they liked it because they always played tabletop board and card games. They also love to do potlucks. Every advisory does potlucks when they want. They basically bring food to share and enjoy the rest of the time they have in their advisory.

Liu birthday

We also asked if they would change anything about their advisory. Most students said they wouldn’t change anything about it. They enjoyed the way it was but some recommended that they should be allowed to use their phones for a while.

Also, birthdays are celebrated not only for students but for teachers. Recently students from Mr. Liu’s advisory surprised him for his birthday. They organized a surprise potluck for him to celebrate it.

The Global Times Vaping

By: John Gomez and Francisco Chavarria September 13, 2019


Death is awaiting teenagers as they have the need to vape. Vaping has caused serious breathing illnesses and there has been around 450 possible cases in at least 33 states. According to the Wall Street Journal, “six deaths have been associated with the illness."

Health officials are urging people to stop vaping until they can figure out what is causing this serious breathing illness. Oregon health officials say they are investigating the death of a person who had severe respiratory illness after using an e-cigarette. Investigators at the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division said on Tuesday that they received reports that the person who died in July had a vape containing cannabis bought from an Oregon store. This happened in September 4, 2019. Symptoms of the disease include coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. 

Since we know that teenagers are beginning to use more vapes we ask for people at Global Studies to think about their decisions. This can be harmful, especially for teens and can cause death. 




The Global Times 

Senior female football player

By ANDREW SALAZAR and NATHAN TAPIA September 13, 2019


carla manzanaresLOS ANGELES - Usually when you think of football, you normally think it’s an all-male sport. But someone broke those rules, and her name is Carla Manzanares. 


Manzanares is a senior at the Los Angeles School of Global Studies one of four small schools at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex . She wanted to make a change at the school and become the first female football player. She also wanted to become an inspiration to others to let them know they can achieve anything if they really try. 


Her road to becoming a football player wasn’t easy, she had to overcome some obstacles in her way. At first, when she confronted her parents about joining the team, they disagreed with her because, as parents, they were worried about her getting hurt because she is a female. 


She was determined to join the football team with or without her parents support. So during the summer, she went to the football team practice.  


When she first went to the team’s practice she felt that she could do it but already noticed how difficult it was. She was going through some difficult phases. At times she felt like maybe she should quit the team, but then she felt like she belonged there. What kept her striving was the support she got from her school’s counselor, Diane Kantack, and her friends. Kantack is her #1 supporter and was the happiest for Carla for joining the MC football team. “She reminds me of myself when I was in high school.” 


What also motivated Carla were the kind words of coach Chico with whom she has a close relationship.  


After sitting out the first two games, she finally had a chance in the 3rd game against Roybal. She was shocked and excited when she stepped onto the field in the 4th quarter. She heard cheers from Kantack and her friends. She finally got her opportunity and took advantage when she caught a pass, only to be tackled soon after. 


After having a chance to play she reflected on her actions and realized that if she went to practice a little bit more, she could’ve done better. But with all the support she got from her friends she forgot about it and enjoyed the moment. 




You can run around it, you can stand on it, but you can’t play on it

MCLC Football Field Off-Limits 



By Eduardo Az Hernandez September 13, 2019


LOS ANGELES -- When students returned to MCLC this August, they learned that they would not be able to use the football field. But why? 


It turns out that our field has gotten worse because it gets used too much. It’s one of the only fields in the downtown area, according Dr. Haddy, MC’s athletic director. During the day it’s used for P.E., in the afternoon it’s used for the football team and soccer teams, and in the evenings and on the weekends it’s used by other sports teams.


“Over the last 12+ years is has sustained a lot of wear and tear,” says Dr. Haddy.


The problem with the field is that it is 12 years old and the turf is ripping, which can make students trip and fall.  Also, the rubber pellets are worn out and don’t cushion athletes or others when they fall. The field gets like cement. 


The plan is to replace the field and make it safe. 


For now, the track is opn for use, and the field can be used for emergency drills. 


Dr.  Haddy says the timeline is “up in the air at this point,” but they are making plans and work to replace it may begin in the Fall of 2020.   


Until then, football practice is on the softball field, and games are played away, according to Matthew Myers, a sophomore who in on the football team. 


Parking Day LA

By: John Gomez, Nathan Tapia

September 25, 2019

Parking Day LA is a worldwide event that originated in San Francisco. It encourages kids to make a green space that informs people about problems in the community.


A group featuring Olga, Sarai, Freddy, Chris, and Pablo talked about the problems litter causes. They began by stating that people take about eight steps holding trash before throwing it to the floor or ground since they get too lazy to throw it in a trash can. Most of the litter is usually cigarette butts and all of the trash usually ends up in the ocean. 1


Felix Arrioja was another LASGS student who was talking about littering. According to the presentation that Felix provided for the fellow members of the community, teenagers are the people who litter the most.



parking day




Littering has a big impact on the world, not only does it make our streets look dirty but it damages animals’ living environments.