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Canek in Mexico

By Johana Rivas

April 26, 2019


Our 12th Grade English and History teacher, Canek, has a deep connection to Mexico. Even his first name! Canek is named for the first Mayan rulers from what is now, Mexico. Recently he traveled to Mexico with his family during Spring Break, April 14th-21st, where they explored the land from which their families came. When he came from his trip he told us what Mexico City is like, which is a great culture of many traditions and ancient things.

In Mexico City, he visited the pyramids in and the Templo Mayor. He also visited the zocalo and markets in Coyoacan. Because it was Semana Santa, his wife, Xochitl, and daughter, Ixchel, participated in an Aztec dance ceremony in a plaza in Coyoacan. They also bought lots of cool gifts for friends like books, clothes, and chocolate covered grasshoppers.

In Jalcomulco, Veracruz. In Xalapa, my daughter and I went for a run in an ecological park. They saw lots of eagles, hawks and a crocodile. They also bought a jarana, which is a small guitar that is used to play Son Jarocho. His wife attended a three-day capoeira retreat - an encuentro - in Jalcomulco, which is a martial art from Brazil. She loved it. Meanwhile, I went trail running in the mountains. Later, we all went on a  hike together in an ecological preserve. It was beautiful. On our last day, my daughter lost her first tooth when she ate a piece of bacon in the airport in Veracruz.

How was his trip to Mexico.?

“It was the best spring break I have ever had. I had a great time.”



Principal Achieves Goal

By Antonio Duenas

April 26, 2019


Christian Quintero smiles a lot. As principal of Los Angeles School of Global Studies, he has a lot to smile about. He likes the people he works with, and he is proud of all of the students. On a recent afternoon he walks down the halls in his pink shirt checking on the students and their projects. This week he has a new reason to smile.

Quintero was a teacher at Global Studies before he was principal. He has been principal for seven years.

But, how did he get here?

Even when he was younger, he wanted to be a teacher. He liked to read and he studied hard in math. Later, he traveled to England where he got his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics.

Christian Quintero started as a principal on July 2012. Before that, he was a teacher at Global Studies starting on July 2006. He is 41 years old. He has been with this school for 12 years and he has worked hard to keep the vision of the school going.

The big problem at this school is poverty. Some students work many hours after school to provide food at home. Sometimes it is hard for these students to concentrate at school. But, Dr. Quintero tries to make sure that all the students feel safe at school.

Dr. Quintero says that the best part of his job is seeing his students grow academically, personally, and socially. He also has two sons, twins, who are an inspiration to him. He says it is exciting to see all students have success.

Now he has a new reason to be proud. He finished his studies to achieve a doctorate degree in education from LMU. He still knows how it feels to be a student and achieve a goal. Now we can call him Dr. Quintero.



Ms. O’Brien Rides Horses

by Fredy Coz


Ms. Marianne O’Brien is a teacher at LASGS. She teaches English 10 and geography. Also, she rides horses.

Ms.O’Brien did not learn how to ride horses until the age of 24.  She said that most people learn how to ride when they are kids. She learned at a horse farm in San Francisco. O’Brien likes to ride horses because she says it is like therapy and it helps her deal with stress. “I  really like to connect with animals,” she said. “The most important thing about horses is that they are sensible,” she said. “The animals feel what you feel, like when you are angry or mad they bite you, or they change their behavior.” She added, “I love to ride horses because I just think in the moment.”

She has ridden horses in the San Fernando Valley, and at barns in Burbank, Chatsworth and Sun Valley. Her trainer is a Russian woman named Yulia. She rides English style. She said the difference is in the saddle you use and how you use the reins and legs. English style is used for jumping and dressage.

“I have fallen off horses a number of times. It is scary to fall off a horse though because you have to worry where you land and make sure the horse does not fall or step on you,” she explained.  O’Brien always wears a helmet when she rides because of this, and sometimes a protective vest if she is jumping and there's a greater chance of falling off the horse. “They say every time you fall off a horse, you become a better rider,” she added, crossing her fingers.  

However, the teacher has not been able to do any riding lately. “I haven't been riding since I sold my horse, Xochitl.” Ms. O’Brien said. “It's been hard to find a new horse to ride, plus I have been so busy at work.  I wish I could ride every day. During the summer, I try to ride at least 4 days a week.”

Showcase night interviews

By Jared Andrade

April 27, 2019

     The latest showcase night event was on April 25, 2019. Showcase night was an event located at LASGS where students presented projects that they have done. They have to present to an adult, the adults gave the students a grade based on their presentation.

Josue Hernandez a 10th grader presenting his “project

I learn America” at showcase night.    

    Some of the people who were interviewed said that showcase is an event in which family members can get to know the teachers of their children, know how are they working on class and get a report of their grades. The first showcase night was on April 6th of 2012, and Global Studies has been doing it ever since. “Showcase night is an event in which parents are invited to watch the projects that their children have done” principal Quintero said. Also he talked about how showcase night makes an impact on the students’ future “ showcase is a good opportunity for the students to practice presenting, the parents can tell their kids in which parts they have to get good at, if they improve what their parents tell them the students will fix the mistakes that they have made and their presentations will be better and much better if they keep improving their mistakes and in future their presentations will be excellent”.

9th graders presenting to their parents at showcase night.

    I participated at showcase night, I was impressed to see so many parents watching presentations. Parents discussed and asked questions about their children's presentation, parents watched presentations of students who were not even their children.

        From my point of view showcase night not only makes the community be together, but showcase night is also passion, showcase night shows effort, showcase night is family, showcase night is love.